Synchronized Swimming

If you have any questions or problems during the season,
please contact the Director of Synchronized Swimming, Daiana Rabbai.

2014 Synchro age locator grid  click here

A swimsuit, cap, goggles and a nose plug is required for practices.

Typical Supplies List for a Synchro Meet
Here is a list of supplies typically needed for synchro competitions. For new swimmers - there are usually parents available at the meet to help with your child's hair and teach you how to do it for the future. Please have athletes arrive at the meet with their hair up in a high ponytail - on the crown of the head. If a few people could bring plug in kettles that would be helpful.
•    hair brush
•    bobby pins (and bun pins, ask us if you don't know the difference)
•    torture comb (brown or a lighter colour for lighter hair) - these are those plastic stretchy hair bands
•    hair elastics (the smaller and more discrete the better)
•    hair net (brown) usually goody - shoppers has them in packs of 3
•    Knox gelatin (1 box of 5 sachets) - yes this goes in the hair to keep it all in place - it's a very fine science!
(Newbies - we will explain the process on the day of the meet).
•    false hair
(if needed - hair needs to go up in a bun on the crown of the head so if there's not enough hair you need to make one)
•    head piece (working on these)
•    black waterproof mascara
•    shampoo + baking soda for removing gelatin (expect this process to take a lot of Lather-Rinse-Repeat!)
•    plenty of towels
•    warm clothes
•    healthy snacks and drinks (WATER WATER WATER)
•    black suit, white cap, goggles, nose clip x2, team routine suit, head piece


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