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The girls will need to have a plain/solid black swimsuit, white swim cap, goggles and a nose clip.  You can purchase all these things through our Swimsuit and Apparel Coordinator Carla Sulina at or you can check our website under Member InfoNeptunes Clothing & Gear which will have more information where you can order items directly through the Team Aquatics website, or alternatively you can even purchase a couple of those items at the front desk at the pool.

The girls will also need to co-ordinate with their group a competition suit that will suit their routine.  Usually the coaches will talk with the girls and see what kind of suit they are wanting for their routines.  If they are in the program for any length of time sometimes the girls can re-use suits from the winter session to summer depending on their routines and partners. 

Don’t be alarmed with by the next list of supplies.  All the girls at competitions have to “jell” their hair.  They put their hair in braids, then a bun and paint on a mixture of Knox gelatin.  This hardens and allows the girls to swim without their hair falling out.  So this list is what you will need to get their hair just right.  Don’t panic, there are many people that can help so you are not on your own.  Most of the items I get from dollar stores in the area.  The club does have a back-up kit of supplies just in case for emergencies. 

Supply List (for competitions)

  • hair brush
  • bobby pins and bun pins
  • torture comb (brown or a lighter colour for lighter hair) - these are those plastic stretchy hair bands that attach at the back
    hair elastics (the smaller and more discrete the better)
  • hair net (brown) usually goody  - shoppers has them in packs of 3
    knox gelatin (1 box of 5 sachets) - yes this goes in the hair to keep it all in place - it's a very fine science!! 
  • margarine container or something to mix gelatin in
  • plastic spoon to mix
  • pastry brush or bbq brush or similar to paint on gelatin
  • false hair (if needed - hair needs to go up in a bun on the crown of the head so if there's not enough hair you need to make one)
    head piece (coaches to bring)
  • black waterproof mascara (or you can use the supply the club has)
    plenty of towels
    warm clothes
    healthy snacks/lunch and drinks (WATER WATER WATER)
    black suit, white cap, goggles, nose clip x2 (if there is a tendency to lose them like my daughter did) and team routine suit.
  • shampoo and conditioner and baking soda if you plan to shower the gelatin out of your hair at the pool. (we mix some baking soda into a bottle of shampoo and it works great)

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If you have any questions or problems during the season,
please contact the Director of Synchronized Swimming, Daiana Rabbai.



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