Winter Maintenance starts Saturday January 6, 2018 and ends April 15, 2018.

There are no practices on the following days:

February 10th and 11th due to the Family Day weekend.
March 17th and 18th due to Spring Break
March 31st and April 1st due to Easter

The Mini Meet is tentatively scheduled for Sunday April 15, 2018.

For Master's Swimmers the end date is April 12, 2018.

There are no Master's practices on the following dates:

March 13th and 15th
March 20th and 22nd 

Our year is broken up into three different seasons:

    * Fall maintenance runs from September to December
    * Winter maintenance runs from January to April
    * Competitive Summer Program runs from May to August

                      2017 Swimming age locator grid   click here

                      2017 Provincial Qualifying Times (PQTs)  click here

We also have a swim program in July, please check out our information on the Hammond Development Program.


Check our registration page for more details.


Swimmers may attend all practices but attendance is not mandatory. Coaches will assign each swimmer to a group of swimmers of similar age and ability level. Swimmers can only attend practices made available to them.   Any requests to change practice times MUST be in writing and MUST be approved by the coach prior to the change occurring.

To ensure parents as well as swimmers have a positive season; please be aware of the following:

  1. The TEAM INFORMATION BOARD is located in the hallway to the right of the reception area (between the Child Care Room and the Preschool Room), next to the Haney Neptunes Display Case.
  2. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck. Parents are permitted to watch their children swim from public seating areas only.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT PRACTICE TO SPEAK TO THE COACH! Interrupting practice could endanger swimmers’ safety by taking the coach’s attention away from the pool.
  4. Directors of swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming are to be contacted if you have questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the program.
  5. NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR IS PERMITTED ON DECK. Please remove all outdoor footwear, you may change into deck only shoes or go barefoot.

As swimming is a very technical sport, we ask that parents allow the coach and swimmer to work together to obtain optimal results. Our coaches are highly qualified and have experience necessary to bring out the best in each swimmer. Since all children grow and develop at different rates please do not compare your child to other swimmers. Strokes will improve as swimmers’ muscles develop, give your child time to grow at their pace. OUR AIM IS FOR PERSONAL BESTS!

Attention Grade 10 - 11 - 12 Students:

Are you aware that all three of the disciplines offered by the Neptunes can give you high school credits? That's right, your hard work at practice can give you an extra credit!

For example if you're a grade 10 swimmer who is swimming at a BC Provincial Championship standard, or, a Synchro swimmer who is on a performance Development squad, you can apply through your school to the Ministry of Education for an external credentials credit equivalent to a class credit. See your high school for more details!

Proper swimwear is important to your success!

Just a quick reminder to ensure that your child has proper attire when practicing.  This means a good set of goggles that do not leak and a Speedo swim suit or jammer.  Girls should have a one piece bathing suit and guys should have a Speedo swim suit or jammers.  A good set of goggles are Speedo Venquishers.  Also, I see that many of the kids get hair in their face when swimming, by getting a swim cap will cause no distraction. 
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