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Summer 2018 Registration 

Executive members and our head coach for swimming have worked hard to secure pool time for our Summer swimming program.  We have had difficulties securing pool time for Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo.  In an effort to support these programs, the Coquitlam Sharks have agreed to train Neptunes polo players and synchro swimmers when registered as Haney Neptunes.  The benefits to this approach include:

  •  The Haney Neptunes can remain a multi-discipline club on paper,
  •  Synchro swimmers can continue to work on figures and routines.  They will have the benefit of pool time and instruction from a qualified coach, and participate at Provincials as Coquitlam Sharks,
  •  Polo Players will have an opportunity to play on age appropriate teams, and participate in summer tournaments, Regionals and Provincial Championships as Coquitlam Sharks.
  •  Registered Neptunes accessing Water Polo and Synchro programs with the Coquitlam Sharks are eligible to attend all Shark club family events such as Fun Night, Interclub swim meet (Sharks on Sharks), Survivor week events 
  •  Registered Neptunes accessing Water Polo and Synchro programs with the Coquitlam Sharks do not need to participate in their volunteer program

Please note at this time we do not have pool times and practice schedules available for the Polo and Synchro Programs.  The Neptunes Registrar will provide contact information  for those registered to the Registrar of the Coquitlam Sharks for distribution within their club.  


Included in this email is a copy of the scheduled pool times booked for Neptunes swimmers in order  to assist families in planning their summer.  Please note that the attached schedule represents the schedule times only and groups will be determined two weeks prior to the beginning of our summer program.

  •  The Hammond Pool afternoon time blocks are the amount of time that the Neptunes have booked
  •  We will assist families and make some exceptions to practice times for April 30 to June 29 in order to keep each family’s trips to Hyde Creek at a minimum. We will consider the possibility of siblings swimming together in some practices to reduce overall travel to Hyde Creek. These exceptions will need to make sense as practices need to remain effective and efficient for all swimmers.

Please note that the attached schedule represents the schedule times only and group will be determined two weeks prior to the beginning of our summer program


Registration Fees:

We recognize that the pool closure has left our membership in a difficult position, and that the summer schedule may not be ideal for some families.  The Executive hopes that the measures we have provided will keep our Neptune family together.  To further that goal, we have also reduced our Registration Fees as shown here:

  •  Swim only: $350
  •  Polo only: $300
  •  Synchro only: $300
  •  Swim & Synchro: $450
  •  Swim & Polo: $450
  •  6 & Under: $275 
  •  Hammond: $225 (Hammond Pool only, this program does not participate in our fundraising program)
  • Masters: $75 (Pay the BCSSA Regional and Provincial Fees and register for swim meets, no formal training/pool time available)
  • July Start: $260 (with polo $340; with synchro $340)


For all registrants:

  • All Registrations must be completed on-line as per BCSSA.  The link to the ActiveWorks Swim Manager for on-line Registration will be provided below.
  • There is a non-refundable ActiveWorks user fee for using on-line registration.  This fee goes directly to ActiveWorks.  It is a separate line item that appears on your invoice at checkout.
  • BCSSA requires we check Proof of Age for all swimmers (Birth Certificate, CareCard, or other government issue ID).  Executive members will be on-deck at MRLC to check ID on March 24 /25 and on deck during the first week of practices.  
  • Signed paper copies of the BCSSA S or O Declaration are still required at this time.  We will provide these documents for family’s on-deck at MRLC on March 24 /25 and on deck during the first week of practices.  For your convenience, this form is also still available on our website.
  • The Media Release form and the HNAC Code of Conduct are available through ActiveWorks Swim Manager.  A check mark in the boxes provided indicates your agreement with these two forms.  
  • A mulit-person discount will automatically post to your invoice upon checkout when registering more than two family members.
  • New athletes registering in our competitive programs must complete an in-water assessment.  The athlete must be able to swim 25m unassisted in a recognizable stoke.
  • July Starts offered to athletes in OCAT 2, Division 5 and up and who were previously registered in a HNAC program within the last year. A $100 fundraising deposit cheque (or purchase of Rotary Duck Race Tickets) will be required with this program if there are no other family members participating in one or more of our regular programs.


Forms and Payments:

To register, we require the following:

  1. Complete on-line Registration and select payment options (Credit Card, Cheque or three post-dated credit card payments on April 30, June 1 and July 1).
  2. ID for every athlete registering, showing proof of age (i.e. CareCard, birth certificate, passport etc).
  3. Signed S&O Declaration Form
  4. Fundraising deposit cheque: dated Aug. 3, 2018 payable to HNAC for $200 per family (with the exception of July Start Athletes, as outlined above).  Optionally, contact the Director of Fundraising and arrange to purchase Rotary Duck Race Tickets instead of the post-dated cheque.  Duck Race Tickets must be prepaid.

Link to on-line registration:   http://www.active.com/maple-ridge-bc/water-sports/swimming-registrations/haney-neptunes-summer-2018

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you might have about registration for the summer season.


Jody Makela

Haney Neptunes



  1. BCSSA Media Release form
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. S & O Declaration form

    *** sample registration form click here

For more information please contact:

Registrar -  Jody Makela
Director of Swimming - Lori Schneider
Director of Synchro - Vacant
Director of Water Polo - Amanda Foster

Form for trial membership:  click here

Age Locator for Swimming and Synchro: click here

Age Locator for Water Polo:  click here

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Prior to the start of a session a participant is entitled to a full refund.  After the first practice of the season and for the first 14 days of the season a participant is entitled to a refund minus any insurance or related fees that have been paid on their behalf.  After the first 14 days of the season a participant will only receive a pro-rated refund for medical reasons or special circumstances as identified in writing and submitted to the Executive for review.  

For any questions related to registration please contact our club registrar at haneyneptunesregistrar@gmail.com