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Fall 2016

Priority registration for all returning Summer 2016 families will be from July 11 to July 22.  
Registrations can be given to Angela in person or left at the front desk of the Leisure Centre in an envelope marked "Haney Neptunes - Registrar".   Please DO NOT leave registrations in the blue box.  If your registration is not received by 6pm on Friday July 22nd you will need to register in-person on the open registration day and will no longer receive priority for registration. Returning Summer 2016 athletes only need to fill out a HNAC Registration form and provide a fee cheque dated September 1, 2016 and a $50 fundraising cheque dated December 11, 2016.
Current Hammond Members: Registration will be held on Friday July 29th, 2016 during the Hammond session. Evaluations will be done and registrations will be accepted based on space availability and the level of the swimmer.
Open registration for new members or returning members who were not registered in Summer 2016 will be on Wednesday August 3rd from 7-8pm in the preschool room of the Leisure Centre.  All open registrations MUST be done in-person and all athletes will be required to do an in-water assessment with our coaches to ensure the minimum eligibility requirements are met (must be able to swim 25m unassisted in a recognizable stroke) and to determine group placements.  
For new members or returning members who did not register for Summer 2016 you will need:  HNAC Registration Form (one per family), BCSSA Registration form (one per person) BCSSA media waiver form (one per person), S&O declaration (one per person or one per family), a Code of Conduct form (one per family), a fee cheque dated September 1, 2016 and a fund-raising cheque for $50 per family dated December 11, 2016.   All cheques must be payable to "HNAC". 
All registrations (priority and open) will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows.   

Registration fees are as follows:

Swim only - $200
Synchro only - $200
Polo only - $275
Swim/Synchro - $275
Swim/Polo - $350
Masters - $225 (no fundraising deposit required for Masters only)
Jr. Neptunes* - $75
*The Jr. Neptunes program is only available to swimmers who are siblings/family members of currently registered Neptunes and who participated in the Hammond program in Summer 2016.  
If you have questions please contact our Registrar at haneyneptunesregistrar@gmail.com


  1. HNAC Registration form - 1 per family (signed by parent or guardian)
  2. BCSSA Registration form – 1 per child (signed by parent or guardian)
  3. BCSSA Media Release form
  4. Code of Conduct
  5. S & O Declaration form
  6. Order Form Swimming
  7. Order Form Synchro
  8. Order Form Polo

    *** sample registration form click here 

 For more information please contact: 

Registrar -  Jody Makela
Director of Swimming - Lori Schneider
Director of Synchro - Billie Seneviratne
Director of Water Polo - Angela Downey

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Prior to the start of a session a participant is entitled to a full refund.  After the first practice of the season and for the first 14 days of the season a participant is entitled to a refund minus any insurance or related fees that have been paid on their behalf.  After the first 14 days of the season a participant will only receive a pro-rated refund for medical reasons or special circumstances as identified in writing and submitted to the Executive for review.  

For any questions related to registration please contact our club registrar at haneyneptunesregistrar@gmail.com