Haney Neptunes' Executive Committee

Updated September 2016

HNAC Executive Committee Meetings

Election of the 2017/2018 Haney Neptunes Executive

The following positions were voted in without challenge on Saturday September. 9th, 2017 at the Annual General Meeting. 

Name  EMail Address
President Jim Baxter haneyneptunespresident@gmail.com
VP Community Relations Craig Longmuir cwl@telus.net
Treasurer Angela Downey hnactreasurer@gmail.com
Cathryn Blanco cathryn_blanco@live.ca
Registrar Jody Makela haneyneptunesregistrar@gmail.com
Chairperson of Communications Heather Anderson haneyneptunes1@gmail.com 
Chairperson of Officials Nancy Patrick paramedicwoman@gmail.com
Chairperson of Records & Awards Vacant
Chairperson of Equipment Dave Chamberlain chamdav@gmail.com
Director of Swimming Lori Schneider


Director of Water Polo Amanda Foster


Director of Synchro


Director of Fundraising Shannon Gander hnacfundraising@gmail.com
Social Coordinator Lucas Elliott hnacsocialcoordinator8@gmail.com
Meet Manager


Shadowing Members - these are non-elected positions which members who wish to participate on club committees and/or the detailed workings of an executive position to assist those directors. To add your name to Shadowing Members List send an email to the Election Committee

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