Neptunes Coaching Staff


Nick Todd - Assistant Head Swim Coach
My parents tell me I was always a “water-baby” but hated getting my head wet when I was little. I joined the Neptunes when I was eight because I was having trouble passing my swimming lessons. I knew instantly that I had found the right sport. I did Fall and Winter Maintenance and then demanded my parents let me compete in the summer. I've been coaching since 2006 and I love every minute of it. I get so excited when I see that same love of the sport in the swimmers I work with. I have already completed my Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses, my National Coaching Certification (NCCP) and am working at finishing my AWSI so that I can get my National Life Saving certification this Spring. I have been fortunate enough to have qualified and even medaled at Provincials over the years, in both swimming and water polo and know that it takes hard work and determination to achieve in the sport.  I hope that through both my swimming and coaching abilities I will be able to inspire fellow swimmers to achieve their goals; in swimming and life.


Diane Lego - Swim Specialty Coach - 6 & Under and Hammond Development
Hi my name is Coach Diane and I have been involved in teaching/coaching swimming for the vast majority of my life. I started out taking swimming lessons when I was young and did not like it one bit. I remember sitting on the edge of the pool, freezing cold and crying, so I have developed great empathy for kids who are scared of the water and have found many fun ways to teach the skills needed to become a great swimmer. Developing new swimmers is just one of my goals in teaching kids the skills needed to become good swimmers, but teaching a life skill that will stay with them forever is the bigger goal.

For many years I was a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor as well as a lifeguard and have worked in many pools in Vancouver and became a supervisor in pools both in Vancouver and in Coquitlam. I am also a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor trainer and have taught many young people the skills necessary to teach people of all ages to learn to swim.

I started out my competitive swim career as a summer swimmer in Vancouver and then coached both summer club as well as winter club for a number of years before going to school in Quebec to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics. I have played water polo at a competitive level as well as taught level 1 diving and level 1 synchronized swimming. As well I have also spent many amazing experiences paddling both a canoe and a kayak and explored the underwater world in scuba gear, so I guess you could say that when it comes to water, I have a pretty well rounded life experience.

Presently I am going to school to become a Special Education Teaching Assistant and hope to be working in the field by Fall 2011. My passion for working with children will just take me into a different field, but I see coaching swimming as a long term part of my life. I will continue to help develop the new up and coming coaches to share my love of teaching  the art of swimming.


Thomas Yeo - Swim Coach
I started my swimming when I was about six. Back then, I was swimming with Red Cross, but at the age of eight, I switched over to the Haney Neptunes. I also used to play hockey and water polo but my love for swimming was greater. I have swum competitively over the past eight years, with both the Haney Neptunes and the Haney Seahorses. I have won gold a few times over the years at Regionals, and have placed in the finals at Provincials. Just recently I have switched from the Seahorses to the Surrey Knights Swim Club. Over the years, my love for the sport has grown tremendously. I've been coaching since 2006 for the Haney Neptunes. Out of all the clubs I’ve been to, this club has been my favorite because it has the most events and get togetherness. I can’t wait to begin coaching each weekend and I hope to help my students achieve their dreams and be the best that they can be. Oh and by the way, I have also completed my bronze medallion, bronze cross, and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), with more qualifications to come. See you at the pool!

Rebecca Todd - Swim Coach
When I was five (2002) I was in Red Cross swimming repeating level five, over and over, unable to pass. My parents then signed me up for the winter maintenance program and I have loved it ever since! I have been coaching since 2008 and have cherished every moment of helping the kids to learn and develop swimming skills. I have also coached at the Hammond Development Program for three years.  I have completed my Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses and I am planning on taking many more courses to better develop my coaching skills. I have medaled provincially in speed swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo. The Haney Neptunes Swim Club is great for learning/developing swimming skills and also having fun. I love to help the kids improve and develop a love for the sport and I am always looking forward to another great year!


Julia Rosec - Swim Coach

Hey! I’m Julia Rosec and I’m one of the coaches for this swim season! I have been swimming with the Haney Neptunes since the age of 10, and playing water polo with them since the age of 11. Besides being part of the Neptunes, I also swam competitively with the Haney Seahorses from September 2009 to December 2012 and I’m currently playing water polo with Fraser Valley Water Polo. My favourite memory from over the years was from last summer when I attended the 2012 BC Summer Games for swimming. I ended of placing top 8 in 4 of my events (100 Butterfly, 200 Butterfly, 100 Backstroke and 200 Backstroke) and moving up placements in the rest (50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle and 200 IM). I am so excited to be coaching this season and can’t wait to see you on the pool deck!


Jared Kopp - Swim Coach
coming soon!



Tim Torres - Water Polo Coach
Hi, my name is Tim Torres and a current coach for the Haney Neptunes. I played water polo for 6 years and 4 of them playing at the elite level. I have traveled all over Canada and much of the West coast playing water polo and have been to Identification camps for western national teams. Other sports I have played are soccer, basketball, and rugby. Some of my interests are playing a variety of sports, exercising, and watching movies. One thing that I am proud of in the past year is a trip to Rwanda I took with a group of youth in the summer. We were there for 3 weeks and did things like build a playground, visit villages and help build houses and toilets, go on a safari and run day camps for kids. It was an incredible experience and I hope to go back one day. Lastly, my future aspiration is to become a Psychologist and travel with sports team or help out youth and kids.



Alana Slight - Synchro Coach
Hi there! My name is Alana Slight and I have been coaching synchronized swimming with the Haney Neptunes for over 2 years. I started out as a substitute for the full time coaches and finally was able to join the Neptunes team with a title of my own in September 2011! My first experience with swimming was less than successful… I had to take level 1 six times because I wouldn’t put my face in the water! When I finally passed, there was no holding me back…I finished every level and went on to take lifeguarding courses. At 6 years old I started synchronized swimming, competing various solos, duets and team routines. My favourite memory of synchro were the early mornings at the pool; everything so calm and quiet, the perfect way to start a day. I played soccer, basketball, dance, volleyball, but no other sport could compare to competing the routine you have worked so hard on. Makeup plastered to your face, gelatin in hair, big smile, cheering crowd… that is a one of a kind feeling.

Other that coaching our enthusiastic, hard-working and at times insane group of swimmers, I attend Simon Fraser University studying Biomedical Physiology. I hope to one day attend medical school and become a Doctor. I love music, travelling, reading and coaching!  I look forward to the seasons full of hard work, practice and fun ahead!

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