Neptunes Coaching Staff




Matt Torres - Head Coach Swimming

 I am very happy to once again have the opportunity to be the Head Swim Coach for the Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club. This will be my fourth summer as Head Coach and my 7th year as a coach for the club. As some of you know I began my coaching with the Haney Neptune's Water Polo program in 2007.  

I am currently studying a BSc in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University in Toronto, Ontario. I am the captain for both the Mens Water Polo Team and Mens Swim Team as well as secretary for the York University Water Polo Club and Vice-president of the York University Swim Club. I will be entering the third year of my four year program in September 2014. After my under graduate degree I am planning on pursuing my dream of becoming a Physiotherapist and will be applying to take my Masters in Physical Therapy. 
My philosophy surrounding coaching is to 1. Have Fun 2. Swim Fast 3. Make sure everyone is having fun and swimming fast. I have had success as both a swimmer, water polo player and as a coach. As a swimmer I currently hold the York University record in the 50 Butterfly and have represented the Neptune's at the provincial level every year since 2004. As a water polo player I have won multiple gold medal provincial medals with the Neptune's. Additionally, I have been selected for multiple selection camps and centralization camps with the Canadian Mens National Team. As a coach I am proud to have sent many swimmers to provincials winning medals in relays and individual events. I am also proud to have inspired swimmers to work harder not only to improve their swimming but to want to improve areas outside of the pool in their everyday life. 
If you ever would like to get to know more about me I would be more than happy to sit around and stay after meets to chat.
Happy swimming!


Cole Wagner - Head Coach Senior Water Polo and Swim Coach

My name is Cole Wagner, and after spending my last 12 summers touring around the pools of the Fraser Valley as a Haney Neptune, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

·         No matter how many goggles you have at the start of the season, you’ll need to buy a new pair by the end.

·         Shampoo bottles become highly combustible as soon as they’re placed in a swim bag

·         There is no better way to spend your summer than as a member of the Haney Neptunes.

I’m so convinced of that last point, I’m doing double duty again this year: I’ll be returning as the head coach of the water polo program, and as an assistant coach on the swim side of things. Though this summer will be my sixth as a coach with the Neptunes, I still have to pinch myself every now and then – it’s a huge honour for me to coach the same program that gave me my start. I spent my first summer with the Neptunes as a swimmer, though I was disqualified in every single event of my first meet. It was at that moment I decided to become a dual sport athlete and diversify my athletic pursuits (in case the whole swimming thing didn’t work out).

This year, I capped off my playing career as the captain of the varsity men’s water polo team at Carleton University. It all seems to have flown by, but after four years as a Carleton Raven, I’ll be graduating with a degree in journalism this spring. In between being a Neptune and a Raven, there were a couple highlights; I captained my teams to two national championships, two Ontario University Athletics banners, and I was selected as a member of Canada’s junior national team. But I know that I never would have had any of those opportunities had it not been for the incredibly caring, personable, and professional coaches I had when I was first tossed into a cold pool. Good coaches know when to push you, but great coaches know when to pick you up.

I look forward to seeing the familiar faces around the pool this summer, and getting to know the new ones as well. I also recognize the limitations of getting to know anyone when you have to shout at them over the din of the pool, so I encourage you to send me an email if you have any questions about me or the program. I aim to be approachable!

Last chance to take that shampoo bottle out of your bag,

Cole Wagner 


Diane Lego - Swim Specialty Coach - 6 & Under and Hammond Development

Hi my name is Coach Diane and I have been involved in teaching/coaching swimming for the vast majority of my life. I started out taking swimming lessons when I was young and did not like it one bit. I remember sitting on the edge of the pool, freezing cold and crying, so I have developed great empathy for kids who are scared of the water and have found many fun ways to teach the skills needed to become a great swimmer. Developing new swimmers is just one of my goals in teaching kids the skills needed to become good swimmers, but teaching a life skill that will stay with them forever is the bigger goal.

For many years I was a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor as well as a lifeguard and have worked in many pools in Vancouver and became a supervisor in pools both in Vancouver and in Coquitlam. I am also a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor trainer and have taught many young people the skills necessary to teach people of all ages to learn to swim.

I started out my competitive swim career as a summer swimmer in Vancouver and then coached both summer club as well as winter club for a number of years before going to school in Quebec to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics. I have played water polo at a competitive level as well as taught level 1 diving and level 1 synchronized swimming. As well I have also spent many amazing experiences paddling both a canoe and a kayak and explored the underwater world in scuba gear, so I guess you could say that when it comes to water, I have a pretty well rounded life experience.

Presently I am going to school to become a Special Education Teaching Assistant and hope to be working in the field by Fall 2011. My passion for working with children will just take me into a different field, but I see coaching swimming as a long term part of my life. I will continue to help develop the new up and coming coaches to share my love of teaching  the art of swimming.


Rebecca Todd - Swim Coach

I joined the Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club when I was five years old (2002) and started volunteer coaching at the age of eleven. I became a member of the Haney Neptunes coaching staff in 2010 and have cherished every moment of helping the kids to learn and develop swimming skills. I have coached at the Hammond Development Program for four years and helped run the program this past summer. I am a certified lifeguard and water safety instructor and I have been fortunate to medal provincially in all three aquatic disciplines. My goal is to help swimmers achieve their personal bests, develop a love for the sport and to develop strong and safe aquatic skills. A fun fact about me is that I hold an unbreakable 6 and Under 25m backstroke record (due to the fact that the pool in which the record was broken, has been torn down). I consider Haney Neptunes to be a part of my family. I have been lucky enough to have grown up in this club around amazing coaches, friends and mentors. I hope every year to pass on just a little of the love I have for this club and the sport to each and every Neptune.


Julia Rosec - Swim Coach

Hello Haney Neptune families, I'm Julia, and I'm really looking forward  to coaching this season! I started swimming for the Neptunes in 2007, then joined their water polo program in 2008. After being coached by so many wonderful people, I decided to start coaching too. I've been on the Neptunes coaching staff since 2011, and I have loved every moment of it. A fun fact about me is that in 2012, I attended the BC Summer Games for swimming and placed in the top 8 for the 100 and 200 meter Butterfly as well as the 100 and 200 meter Backstroke. I'm very excited to meet all of you, and have a great season of fast, fun swimming! See you on the pool deck!


Megan Neale - Swim and Water Polo Coach

Hello Everyone!
 My name is Megan and this is my 11th year with the Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club. My competitive swimming career began with the Neptunes at the age of seven and my water polo career began later at the age of ten. I have medalled both regionally and provincially in both sports, and have broken many swim records through the BCSSA. Aside from the Neptunes, I have swum on Elite and Provincial swim teams with SFU and am currently a member of the U18 Fraser Valley Water Polo team. Last summer, I also won a silver medal at the 2013 Women’s Youth Cup in Montreal, Quebec with Team BC water polo. I started coaching swimming in 2009 with the Hammond Development Program and this summer will be my second year coaching water polo with the Neptunes. Bringing my knowledge, passion and experience in both sports to younger generations brings me great joy. My goals as a coach are to help young and aspiring athletes improve their skills, build their confidence, and develop a life-long love for the sports, just as I have. Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy surfing, lemon meringue pie, and my favourite Avenger is Captain America. 


Tim Torres - Head Coach Junior Water Polo

Hi, my name is Tim Torres and a current coach for the Haney Neptunes. I played water polo for 6 years and 4 of them playing at the elite level. I have traveled all over Canada and much of the West coast playing water polo and have been to Identification camps for western national teams. Other sports I have played are soccer, basketball, and rugby. Some of my interests are playing a variety of sports, exercising, and watching movies. One thing that I am proud of in the past year is a trip to Rwanda I took with a group of youth in the summer. We were there for 3 weeks and did things like build a playground, visit villages and help build houses and toilets, go on a safari and run day camps for kids. It was an incredible experience and I hope to go back one day. Lastly, my future aspiration is to become a Psychologist and travel with sports team or help out youth and kids.


Alana Slight - Synchro Coach

Hi there! My name is Alana Slight and I have been coaching synchronized swimming with the Haney Neptunes for over 2 years. I started out as a substitute for the full time coaches and finally was able to join the Neptunes team with a title of my own in September 2011! My first experience with swimming was less than successful… I had to take level 1 six times because I wouldn’t put my face in the water! When I finally passed, there was no holding me back…I finished every level and went on to take lifeguarding courses. At 6 years old I started synchronized swimming, competing various solos, duets and team routines. My favourite memory of synchro were the early mornings at the pool; everything so calm and quiet, the perfect way to start a day. I played soccer, basketball, dance, volleyball, but no other sport could compare to competing the routine you have worked so hard on. Makeup plastered to your face, gelatin in hair, big smile, cheering crowd… that is a one of a kind feeling.

Other that coaching our enthusiastic, hard-working and at times insane group of swimmers, I attend Simon Fraser University studying Biomedical Physiology. I hope to one day attend medical school and become a Doctor. I love music, travelling, reading and coaching!  I look forward to the seasons full of hard work, practice and fun ahead!

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