About the Neptunes

The Haney Neptunes are registered with the BC Summer Swimming Association (B.C.S.S.A) and swim as part of the Fraser Valley Region.  As a legally registered society, the Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club operates with a volunteer executive elected by members during the annual general meeting held in September.

During the summer the Neptunes run competitive swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and development programs. During the winter months there is also a winter maintenance program.


There are six different programs the Haney Neptunes offer throughout the summer season (May to August). Depending on the age of the participant, multiple programs can be chosen. All programs are run under the direction of a professional coaching staff.

Competitive Swimming: This is a great opportunity for children (ages 6 & over) to increase their swimming skills and be introduced to all four strokes (front & back stroke, butterfly & breast stroke). Along with learning all the above skills, children (ages 6 & over) will compete against other swimmers throughout the Lower Mainland. They also have the opportunity to swim in the Regional competition and qualify for Provincials. The Neptunes are a competitive swim club and encourage all members to compete but, as we recognize that competition is not for everyone, do not require it.

6 and Under Swimming: The Neptunes offer a great program for young swimmers and encourage development of swim strokes and team skills while having fun. We suggest our youngest swimmers should be able to swim a width of the pool unaided but may accept young athletes of varying skill levels at the discretion of the head coach.

Synchronized Swimming: This sport requires overall body strength, agility, flexibility, grace . . . and is beautiful to watch. Children ages 6 & up can learn the specialized skills it takes to accomplish this water ballet. Open to both male and female participants.

Water Polo: If your child is aged 7 to 18 and enjoys a fun, fast-paced and challenging game in the water, they will love water polo. This co-ed game is most often described as "soccer in the water" with obvious differences. There are four age categories; 11 & under, 12 &13, 14 &15, and 18 & under. Above average swimming skills are encouraged and attending regular practices will dramatically improve them.

Hammond Development Program: This highly successful program is open to swimmers, under 12 years old, who want to develop their skills and gain more confidence in the water. Supervised by qualified coaches, our senior swimmers assist to ensure a low ratio of students to instructors.

Master's Swim Program: Available for all over 18 who want to hone their swimming skills and enjoy a fun environment. Professional coaches are provided to help guide you through a successful swimming program.

If you would like more information about any of these programs please feel free to write the above address or send an email through this page.

Haney Neptunes' Club Philosophy

Competition is the most visible focus of competitive swimming, however it is secondary to the importance of PERSONAL BEST. Swimming combines fun and challenges through individual and team perspectives.  Increased swimming ability adds enjoyment to other aquatic activities such as water polo and synchronized swimming. Swimming enables children at many ability levels to participate and be challenged, and at the same time contribute to a team.

As a participant in aquatic sports a swimmer has the opportunity to:

  • Learn the skills required for competitive swimming
  • Achieve all round physical conditioning
  • Foster self-development
  • Develop good sportsmanship
  • Appreciate the efforts of others
  • Train and compete with swimmers at a level consistent with their own ability
  • Enjoy a skill that can be enjoyed throughout life.

Our swim club prides itself on developing:

  • Positive attitudes
  • Quality training
  • Professional coaching
  • Individual focus training
  • Family focused approach
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Multi-generations involvement
  • Fun, Fitness & Friendship!!!


    Some Things You Will Need to Know about The Haney Neptunes

  • We are all here because we love the sport. We hope that you will too, but remember, this is about the athletes and not the parents.
  • We value our coaches and treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.
  • We put personal safety and well being as a top priority.
  • We are here to encourage and foster self-growth and personal accomplishments.

  • Please be aware that your behavior affects others. All our athletes are expected to treat all members of the team, coaches, parents, officials and members from opposing teams with respect and dignity.
  • Your coach will expect you to use proper pool and/or lane etiquette. Please obey all recreational facility rules. You will be responsible for the care and proper use of all equipment and will be expected to help put away supplies.
  • Your coach is there to help you so please listen to what they have to say.
  • Change rooms are there for your use so deck-changing will not be permitted.

  • You are an important part of our club. We value your volunteerism and support. We encourage all parents to recognize our athlete’s hard work and dedication. Let’s offer praise and support not only to our own children but to each other’s as well.
  • We encourage you to get to know your child’s coach but remember that on deck is not the place to speak to them. Our coaches focus their attention solely on the athletes during this time.
  • Allow your child and coach to work together. You might be amazed at what they can accomplish without you
  • Please be aware that coaches are not responsible for your children anywhere other than on deck and in the pool. If you have a young child participating and feel that they need supervision during bathroom breaks or before or after practice, that remains your responsibility.
  • The Director of Swimming, Water Polo or Synchro, or the President of the Club is available to help you sort out any issues that you may have.
  • If you do not agree with an official’s decision this summer, you may bring this to the attention of our coach. The coach will act as a liaison between you and the official.
  • We have both a website www.haneyneptunes.com and an information board at the pool with all the information that you will require this summer. Please check back to both of these on a regular basis. In addition, the executive will send out emails whenever we need to get information out. Please feel free to contact any member of the executive when you feel the need arises. We are here to help you.

    Let’s have a fun and rewarding summer!

    BCProvGovt"We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia"