The Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club is a community based aquatic club run by a volunteer parent executive. The club is a non-profit society which is affiliated with the British Columbia Summer Swimming Association. We offer speed swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and a development program.

"We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia"


Competition is the most visible aspect of competitive swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming. It is, however, secondary to the importance of personal best. All of these aquatic disciplines combine fun and challenge through individual and team pursuits. The Haney Neptunes aquatic programs enable children at all ability levels to be challenged as individuals, contribute to team objectives and work toward personal goals. In addition, they will have fun with friends and bond with members of all ages. There are no benchwarmers; all athletes are active members of the team.

As a participant in aquatic sports, a swimmer has the opportunity to:

  • Learn the skills required for competitive swimming
  • Achieve all-round physical conditioning
  • Foster self-development
  • Develop good sportsmanship and team skills
  • Appreciate the effort of others
  • Train and compete with others
  • Acquire a skill that can be enjoyed throughout life

Organizational Structure

The BCSSA is divided into 8 regions: Vancouver and District, Vancouver Island, Fraser South, Simon Fraser, Fraser Valley, Cariboo, Okanagan and Kootenays. We are part of the Fraser Valley region which consists of the Haney Neptunes, Mission Marlins, Agassiz Aquanauts, Chilliwack Stingrays, Abbotsford Whalers and Langley Flippers.

We participate in all swim meets sponsored by IN REGION clubs. When we have a free weekend we may participate in an OUT-OF-REGION meet. No meet in or out of region is compulsory, but BCSSA requires that a competitive swimmer must be in at least one meet to be registered for the Region’s Championship finals.

General Membership: One adult per family is the designated member of the Haney Neptunes Aquatic Club. This member has the voting privilege at the Annual General Meeting to be held in early-mid September.


Competitive swimming
Swimming offers the fun of a team sport and the thrill of an individual sport! Many swimming buddies and their families become life-long friends. It’s the clock that counts! As swimmers develop their skills they race against their own best times! Swimmers develop their technique and endurance through regular workouts, and their efforts reap very positive rewards. By maintaining a safe and fun environment we are able to sponsor a club that is enjoyable and instills pride and accomplishment in our members

Hammond Developmental Program
The Hammond Developmental Program, is a great development camp for beginners at the Hammond Pool that runs Monday to Friday, in the month of July.   

Synchronized Swimming
The Neptunes synchronized swimming program has proven to be incredibly successful and extremely popular since its inception in 2000! This year we are proud to announce a whole new program complete with both dryland and aquatic conditioning. Synchro promotes grace and strength, and is open to both gendered athletes. All synchro swimmers compete at Regionals and Provincials, and have successfully won trophies, medals and ribbons.

Water Polo
Our water polo program is open to all children aged 17 and under. It is an extremely fun sport to play and watch. The Neptunes run one of the most successful programs in the BCSSA, winning many Provincial Championships and boasting a number of players who have gone on to National and International levels.



"We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia"